About Us

The Singapore Institute of Biology was founded in 1974 by an enthusiastic group of biologists who wanted to further the cause of Biology and its applications. It was officially registered as a Society on 26 February 1975 with the following objectives as stated in its Constitution.


  • To promote the advancement of biology and its applications.
  • To encourage the improvement of education in biology and the training of those interested in biology.
  • To advance the character and status of the profession of biology and its applications, and the interests of those engaged therein.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information in biology and its applications through meetings, exhibitions, publications and other ways.
  • To publicise and disseminate information about biology and its application and on matters concerning the profession.
  • To secure and distribute grants and loans for education and research in biology and its applications.
  • To represent the opinion of the members of the Institute on matters related to the objectives of the Institute.


The Institute is affiliated to:

It also works closely with several local and overseas institutions and societies.


SIBiol has as its distinguished patrons:

  • Mr Richard Edward Hale, F.C.I.B.
  • Dr Tan Keong Choon, Ph.D. (London), M.I.E.M, F.I.E.S., F.G.S