Biology Olympiads

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiads

The Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) was started in 2016, as a complement to the SBO. SJBO involves an initial theory round, from which the highest ranking schools are selected to participate in a practical round.  SJBO is targeted at upper secondary students. The aim of the SJBO is to foster critical thinking skills amongst the students as well as to offer an early taste of the SBO/IBO experience. SJBO is co-organized by SiBiol and the Singapore Science Centre, with support from the Ministry of Education.

Singapore Biology Olympiads

Calling Singapore’s top Biology students!  The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is an annual event where students from around the World compete in a grueling test of their skills in tackling biological problems and biological experiments. The Singapore Institute of Biology, with the support of the Ministry of Education, National University of Singapore and the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University selects and trains our best junior college students for this challenge.

The Singapore Biology Olympiad has been an annual event since 2000. Each year, several hundred of our top biology students from junior colleges take an initial theory test, from which perhaps several dozen students are shortlisted to take the practical test. Those emerging tops after these two rounds are awarded medals.

However, being a medalist at SBO is merely the first step in the selection towards representing Singapore at the IBO! Selected medalists are interviewed and a final shortlist undergo an intensive training programme by dedicated academics from NUS and NIE. Eventually, a “Final Four” and one reserve are chosen to form the Singapore Team. Then it’s off to the IBO!

The Singapore Biology Olympiad is open to both local and foreign students enrolled in Singapore schools. Students who wish to participate in the Olympiad would need to register through their schools upon invitation by MOE.

International Biology Olympiads


In bringing together gifted students, the International Biology Olympiads ( tries to challenge and stimulate these students to expand their talents and to promote their career as a scientist, so biology talents do not get lost. The Olympiad also is focussing on biology as a beautiful and valuable subject. Many biological topics like ethology and ecology stress the importance of biology for society, especially items such as nature preservation and/or environmental protection.

Since the first IBO in 1990 where just 6 founding countries from Eastern Europe participated, participation in the IBO has grown significantly to nearly 60 countries  and looks set to continue growing. The aims of the IBO are to stimulate active interest in biological studies by the creative solution of biological problems, to promote exchange of ideas and materials about biology education, to promote regular international contacts and establish friendly relations among young people from different countries and thus to stimulate cooperation and understanding between nations.

IBO Results

Tabulated below are results for the Singapore team since we first began participating in the IBO in 2001. Singapore has consistently done well every year. Team Singapore topped the country rankings in 2012, and again in 2016!

Tabulated below are results for Team Singapore, since we first began participating in the IBO in 2001. Singapore has consistently done well every year.


Note: Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 31st IBO2020 was cancelled and in its place, an unofficial online competition was held. Due to this arrangement, awards to participants were not ranked.


IBOYearHost CityTeam members (School)Medals
(Overall Rank)
Country ranking
12th2001Brussels, BelgiumMr Wei Yifeng (ACJC)
Mr Teo Shiyi (RJC)
Ms Pricilla Ng (RJC)
Ms Melissa Fullwood (RJC)
Gold (10)
Gold (16)
Silver (26)
Silver (27)
3rd of 38
13th2002Jurmala-Riga, LatviaMr Ng Shuh Chang (RJC) 
Ms Huang Mingyan (RJC) 
Mr Jonathan Chia Wei Zhong (RJC) 
Mr Chia Sheng Zhi (RJC)
Gold (12)
Gold (13)
Silver (31)
Silver (34)
4th of 40
14th2003Minsk, BelarusMs Shirleen Soh Ying Qi (VJC) 
Mr Hong Enping (RJC)
Mr Ho Jiang Hai (HCJC)
Mr Chew Guo-Liang (ACJC)
Gold (7)
Silver (18)
Silver (25)
Silver (32)
5th of 41
15th2004Brisbane, AustraliaMr Lim Tse Yang (RJC)
Mr Brandon Seah Kwee Boon (ACJC) 
Mr Huang Weixin (HCJC) 
Ms Zhang Tianyi (RJC)
Gold (1) 
Gold (4) 
Silver (32) 
Silver (48)
2nd of 40
16th2005Beijing, ChinaMr Ng Sheng Rong (HCJC)
Mr Chen Shiwei (HCJC) 
Mr Colin Teo Guoxuan (RJC)
Ms Mabel Ang Yen Lin (RJC)
Gold (12)
Silver (23)
Silver (31)
Silver (47)
6th of 50
17th2006Rio Cuarto,
Mr Huang Kee Wui (ACJC) 
Mr Justin Wee Liang Yi (RJC) 
Mr Alfred Seng (HCI)
Mr Tay Rong En (RJC) 
Gold (12)
Gold (17)
Silver (36)
Silver (48)
5th of 49
18th2007Saskatoon, CanadaMr Mayank Soni (RJC) 
Mr Gary Soh Hui Ming (ACJC) 
Mr Ian Wee Liang En (HCI)
Mr Tan Yong Zi (HCI) 
Silver (26)
Silver (27)
Silver (43)
Silver (60)
9th of 55
19th2008Mumbai, IndiaMr Men Yifei (RJC) 
Mr Joshua Sng Weirong (HCI) 
Mr Timothy Lim Min De (ACS(I))
Mr Kevin Choy Chi Chuen (ACS(I)) 
Gold (5)
Gold (15)
Silver (28)
Silver (32)
5th of 55
20th2009Tsukuba, JapanMs Dong Yangzi (HCI) 
Mr Tan Wei Han (HCI) 
Mr Yuan Chengxiang (RJC)
Ms Ang Qi Yan (HCI) 
Gold (1)
Gold (3)
Gold (14)
Silver (44)
3rd of 56
21st2010Changwon, KoreaDaniel Lim Yan Zheng (ACS(I))
Yong Xianbin (HCI)
Zeng Tian Chen (RI(JC))
Kylie Goh Jin Ying (NUS High) 
Gold (17)
Silver (28)
Silver (29)
Silver (37) 
9th of 50 
22nd2011Chinese TaipeiJin Chentian (RI(JC))
Javan Lee Tze Han (HCI)
Hong Xinyuan (NUS High)
Sia Zhen Wei Michael (ACS(I)) 
Gold (11)
Gold (13)
Gold (22)
Silver (55) 
3rd of 58 
23rd2012SingaporeNol Swaddiwudhipong (RI(JC))
Mao Haitong (RI(JC))
Zhang Huiting (RI(JC))
Lim Yuan Wei (HCI)
Gold (1)
Gold (6)
Gold (11)
Gold (23) 
1st of 59
24th2013Bern, SwitzerlandCheong Yi Loong Benny (HCI)
Stanley Quek Tee Kai (NUS High)
Yap Chun Hian John (HCI)
Zhao Xing Liang (HCI)
Gold (4)
Gold (5)
Gold (10)
Gold (22) 
2nd of 61
25th2014Bali, IndonesiaQu Xinyi (NUS High)
Cleon Kho (HCI)
Raphael Soh (RI(JC))
Timothy Sim (ACS(I))
Gold (2)
Gold (11)
Gold (22)
Silver (46) 
2nd of 61
26th2015Aarhus, DenmarkDaniel Tan Chee Hian (HCI(JC))
Samuel Fong En Lei (RI(JC))
Chang Jia Geng (RI(JC))
Theophila Toh Ying Lin (NUS High)
Gold (4)
Gold (12)
Gold (17)
Silver (42) 
3rd of 61
27th2016Hanoi, VietnamLim Yi Shen Justin (RI(JC))
Tang Fengjie (RI(JC))
Mok Kai Lin Jacy (HCI(JC))
Li Jiaqi (RI(JC))
Gold (1)
Gold (3)
Gold (12)
Gold (21)
1st of 65
28th2017Coventry, UKAditi Saayujya (NUS High)
Lucas Yeo (Yang Yuxu) (RI(JC))
Muzammil Arif Din S/O Abdul Jabbar (RI(JC))
Lim Yan Ling (NUS High)
Gold (3)
Gold (7)
Gold (14)
Silver (40)
3rd of 63
29th2018Tehran, IranLim Yun Wei Shermane (NUS High)
Ng Wei Jun Justin (HCI)
Chan Xu Rui Isaac (HCI)
Ong Jia Xin (NUS High)
Gold (10)
Gold (17)
Gold (21) 
Silver (51)
3rd of 68
30th2019Szegad, HungaryTan Zipei (HCI)
Goh Jinghan, Cameron (RI(JC))
Gu Jiahao (RI(JC))
Amani Pek (NUSHS)
Gold (5)
Gold (10)
Gold (17)
Silver (35)
4th of 71
31st2020Online Competition
(Cancelled event: Nagasaki, Japan)
Lin Ziwei Dewey (RI(JC))
Lu Kate (RI(JC))
Qiu Xinzhi (NUSH)
Tan Cheng Yat (NUSH)
32nd2021Online Challenge (Lisbon, Portugal)Trivikram Mohan (NUSH)
Ong Chong Yao (NUSH)
Christopher Tay Hiang Juey (RI(JC))
Bryan Sim En Jie (RI(JC))
33rd2022Yerevan, ArmeniaOwen Ong Jun Heng (RI(JC))
Koo Min Seo (NUSH)
George Lee Zhi Xiang (NUSH)
Kuppusamy Velmurugan Aravindh (NUSH)
Gold (15)
Gold (26)
Silver (39)
Bronze (105)
5th of 62
34th2023Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesLai Le Hao Jerome (RI(JC))
Debraath Pahari (NUSH)
Soh Sze Hian, Lionel (RI(JC))
Lim Le Xuan (NUSH)
Gold (4)
Gold (8)
Gold (9)
Gold (14)
1st of 75

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