IBO 2018: Another stellar year for Team Singapore!

SIBiol is pleased to inform all members that Team Singapore did well in the 29th IBO 2018, at Tehran, Iran (15 – 22 July 2018). Our students garnered 3 Golds and 1 Silver, placing Singapore, along with Vietnam, United Kingdom and Russia, in the 3rd place among 68 other countries.  China and Chinese Taipei were joint in the 1st place  with 4 Golds each. A total of 269 students took part in the 29th IBO.

Team Singapore students placed as follows:

Lim Yun Wei Shermane 10th Gold
Ng Wei Jun Justin 17th Gold
Chan Xu Rui Isaac 21st Gold
Ong Jia Xin 51st Silver

Chia Yi Xuan Larissa (reserve team member)

Team Singapore in IBO 2018 was led by Dr Ngan Kee and Dr Chen Zhong. Dr Beverly Goh and Mr Marcus Chan (MOE) accompanied the team as jury delegates, and Ms Lim Yan Ling as SBO/IBO alumni. However, Team Singapore’s consistent performance at the IBOs would not have been possible without the dedication and sacrifice of all IBO alumni and trainers (from NUS, NParks and NIE) who volunteered their time selflessly to train and mentor Team Singapore participants year after year. Without these trainers, Team Singapore could not possibly sustain such good performance. This year’s result is indeed a validation of their service to the nation.

The team is once again at the beginning of the annual cycle, and look forward to the continual support of all alumni and members in preparing for SBO 2018 in November and December this year, and next year’s 30th IBO in Hungary