SJBO 2020

SIBiol and Science Centre Singapore co-organised the 5th Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) for students from Secondary 2 to 4 (or their international equivalent) and welcomed all schools to take part. This year, a total of 1462 students from 60 schools participated online on 24th June 2020, comparable to 1479 students from 62 schools the previous year. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, careful deliberation followed the initial postponement of SJBO to decide what would be done. In the end, the SJBO Organising Committee in consultation with MOE decided on an alternative that would allow SJBO 2020 to continue. SJBO 2020 Theory Round proceeded as an online as a home-based, open-book test without invigilation and practical round. 

Due to the special circumstances this year, instead of a competition, SJBO 2020 awarded Certificates of Merit to all participants and the Organising Committee released a summary of the SJBO 2020 results to each student in order to facilitate their learning process in the topics of Biology.