Membership is open to anyone who has the prerequisite qualifications (Degree or Diploma) in the field of the biological sciences; or alternatively, sufficient and relevant work experience in biology as may be recognised by the Council.

Current members come from various private, government and statutory organisations, research institutions, schools, polytechnics and universities. Most members are involved in one way or another in biological education, biological studies, research or administration in such areas as environmental pollution, conservation, primary production, horticulture and curating.

The Singapore Institute of Biology promotes biology by:

  • Organising:
    • Workshops
    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Field Trips
    • Biology speech & essay contests
  • Funding research projects
  • Publication of a journal, newsletter, research reports and proceedings


  1. Members are entitled to discounts on the Institute’s activities where fees are levied
  2. Members receive complimentary issues of the SIBiol Bulletin
  3. Members are eligible to apply for research grants from the SIBiol Research Trust Fund (SIBiol RTF)

Eligibility for Membership

Ordinary Membership

  • a basic degree or postgraduate degree in a biological field from a university or institute that is recognised by the Council; or
  • a diploma and at least 4 years working experience in a biological field

Associate Membership

  • a person who has had a satisfactory general education, and at least 5 years of experience in a job that demands knowledge of biology

Student Membership

  • currently undergoing a course of study in biology or related subjects at a recognised tertiary institute of learning or a full-time postgraduate student in a biological field


CategoryEntrance FeeAnnual Subscription
Ordinary Member$10$20
Associate Member$5$15
Student Member$5$5
Life Member$200 (one time payment)