Research Trust Fund

RTF is now open for applications till 31 October 2023. There is no theme this year — all biology related research will be considered. 

Please download the application form and template for more details.

The aim of the Singapore Institute of Biology Research Trust Fund (SIBiol RTF) is to support and facilitate research on local topics or questions in biology by SIBiol members by providing Research Grant awards of up to a maximum of S$5,000 for a two- or three-year project. To date, the SIBiol RTF has supported over 30 research projects.

Deadline for the application: 31 October 2023.

The SIBiol RTF was established on 28 Feb 1980 and is a registered charity. 
Charity Registration No. : 00685 
Charity Registration Date : 27 Sep 1989

Grant Application

The SIBiol will occasionally invite applications for Research Grants from the SIBiol RTF. Applications are open to Ordinary members as well as Student members of the SIBiol. Student member applications must be in collaboration with an Ordinary member.

Grants awarded are up to a maximum of S$5,000.00, for a two- or three-year project. Grants are strictly meant to cover the cost of consumables or student assistance, and not for the purchase of equipment. Applicants are required to submit a Project Proposal in triplicate and should include the following information:

  • Objective(s) of the project
  • Background information
  • Significance of the project
  • Itemised estimated costs

Download the template here for more details. Submit your application by 31 October 2023, to

If you have further queries, please write to:

Projects Supported by the SIBiol RTF

Projects supported in the last two decades:

  1. “Regeneration of injured tissue in Acabaria sp. (Gorgonacea, Octocorallia): An in situ experiment.” (1994)
  2. “Studies on photosynthetic responses to high solar radiation on high value crops.” (1995)
  3. “Studies on the biology and transmission of protozoan parasite blastosystis.” (1995)
  4. “Typification of Ridley’s Malaysian species.” (1996)
  5. “Application of RAPD-PCR and RNA fingerprinting to estimate natural genetic variation in Acacia Mangium.” (1996)
  6. “Factors affecting hatch rates and sex ratios of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) eggs in natural and hatchery nests at Talang Talang Besar, Sarawak.” (1997)
  7. “Conservation needs of key Southeast Asian taxa.” (1999)
  8. “Experimental fragmentation and transplantation of the scleractinian coral Goniopora to study the relative effects of light, sedimentation and fragmentation on its reproductive cycle and fecundity.” (2001)
  9. “Using in situ mesocosms to study the effects of heavy metal and petroleum hydrocarbon loading on phytoplankton and bacterial dynamics.” (2001)
  10. “Biomedical potentials of marine fouling sponges collected from Singapore waters.” (2005)
  11. “The Brachyura fauna of Singapore: A comprehensive study of the diversity of Singapore crabs (Crustacea : Decapoda)” (2005)
  12. Feeding ecology and anti-predatory behavior of Dotillid crabs (2016)
  13. “Valuating biological attributes of tropical seagrasses that contribute to sediment stabilisation” (2020)