SIBiol Bulletin

In support of the aims of our society, SIBiol regularly publishes the SIBiol Bulletin, conducts Workshops for Teachers, organises Life Science Seminars, the Annual National Biology Convention (ANBC), and co-organises symposia and international conferences.

Asian Youth Journal of Biology

The Asian Youth Journal of Biology (AYJB), an official journal of SIBiol, is a free online journal published twice a year. This e-journal was established in September 2011 and serves as a platform for the publication of peer-reviewed original articles in the area of biology by young scientists aged 14 to 25. The main objective of AYJB is to increase scientific literacy amongst budding young scientists.

The Singapore Blue Plan 2018

The Blue Plan is a ground-up initiative that presents the vision of the marine community in Singapore. The Singapore Blue Plan 2018, is the third instalment of the Blue Plan, that is presented to governments every decade.