Call for SIBiol Interns (2017/2018)

The Singapore Insitute of Biology (SIBiol) is looking for two interns to assist in SIBiol activities and administration for the term 2017/2018. The interns should be enthusiastic about biology and education, and will have the opportunity of experiencing the inner workings of running a Professional Society. The SIBiol Interns will each receive an honorarium of at least $500 for the annual term, and entitled to freely participate in all SIBIol activities. Below are the details of expected duties by SIBiol Intern.  Interested individuals can contact

1) SIBiol Intern 1

The Singapore Institute of Biology is looking for an intern to assist the 44th SIBiol Council to perform administrative duties. These duties (on an ad-hoc basis) will include assisting in running SIBiol Workshop/s, assembling the SIBiol Newsletter and disseminating information to SIBiol members. This year, the SIBiol intern will work closely with the President of SIBiol to document the inner workings of the Society, assisting in the documentation and compilation of updated SOPs (standard operating procedures) for selected SIBiol duties/activities. 

2) SIBiol Intern 2 (3rd Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad)

The Singapore Institute of Biology is looking for an intern to specifically assist the organization of 3rd Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO). Here are the detailed duties:

In charge of logistics

  • Arranges for venues if they are needed
  • In charge of catering at briefings and on the actual day
  • Sources for prizes and certificates
  • In charge of any other logistics which may be needed

Contact schools

  • Works closely with MOE to make sure information is disseminated in a timely and accurate manner
  • In charge of addressing any concerns the schools may have about the SJBO, or bringing it up to the committee for further discussion

In charge of questions for the competition

  • In the event that the theory round question-setting is outsourced, acts as the point of contact with the question-setter and makes sure that questions are up to standard
  • Collects all input for practical round questions from question contributors
  • Sets the practical round questions based on this input and comes up with a clear, unambiguous mark scheme that should be strictly adhered to