Inaugural Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO) 2016

In the past four years, Singapore has consistently ranked among the top 3 countries at the IBOs. Over the past years, the alumni and students and schools have requested SIBiol to begin a Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO), more opportunities for secondary school students and private students/international school students to learn about biology and challenge themselves. The idea of the SJBO is similar to that of the Singapore Junior Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. An SJBO would better prepare Singapore students for the IBO by providing them with a taste of competition earlier on. As such, SIBiol in collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore, is organizing an SJBO in 2016.

Pre Registration briefing

Thursday, 1st Oct 2015
Mendel Auditorium
Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road,
Singapore 609081
1430 – 1530

Please email: for enquiries

Powerpoint slides from the Briefing: