Know your seafood workshop, 4 Feb 2018

On 4 Feb 2018, SIBiol conducted a free public workshop offering members of the public a chance to dissect and really get to know their seafood, just in time for Chinese New Year feasting. 

Dr. Adrian Elangovan teaching workshop participants about fish tongues and all things fish.

Dr. Theresa Su teaching workshop participants about squid, snails, clams, and all kinds of slimy molluscs.

Mr. Nicholas Yap sharing about jellyfish and anemones.  He even brought along a microscope to demonstrate the cnidocytes!

Dr. Paul Chen ran the crustacean station, sharing his knowledge of crabs and prawns. 

SIBiol would like to thank Dr. Toh Taichong and the students from SOTA for organizing this workshop, and all of the instructors for generously sharing their time and knowledge.  We would also like to thank all participants for attending and sharing their questions.  Hope you had a fruitful time!