Research Trust Fund: Call for proposals


The Singapore Institute of Biology Research Trust Fund (SIBiol RTF;‎) supports and facilitates research on local topics or questions in biology by SIBiol members. To date, the SIBiol RTF has supported over 30 research projects. Each Research Grant awards up to SGD 5,000 for: (i) an original two year project (renewable for another term, subject to progress assessment), or (ii) funding interns to perform research under an existing grant.

The theme for this year’s grant call, in conjuction with the 3rd International Year of the Reef (IYOR), is “Our Oceans”. Research related to marine biology, biodiversity, management and conservation will be considered.

Eligibility criteria

  • This grant is for early career researchers (i.e. PhD students, post-doctoral researchers) who are Life, Ordinary and Student members of the SIBiol
  • Researchers must be based in Singapore and must hold a position in a recognised academic institution in Singapore 
  • Student member (at least in the 3rd year of graduate studies/passed their qualifying examination) may apply together with a Lab Head, who is an SIBiol member 

Application requirements

For an original project, applicants are to submit a three-page proposal containing:

  • Title of proposed project
  • Abstract
  • Background and Significance
  • Specific Aim(s)
  • Concise Research Methodology
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Estimated itemised budget
  • CV of investigator/applicant (not included in page limit)

For supporting interns for up to two years on an existing funded project, please submit an additional one-page description containing:

  • Title of funded project, grant number (if applicable), funding agency, and name of awardee
  • Abstract
  • Brief description of project
  • Role of intern
  • Expected hours of research work each month (documentation required)
  • CV of Direct Supervisor (not included in page limit). Direct Supervisors may include graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and educators, who are eligible to apply. Principal Investigator/Lab Head/Head of Department must endorse the application.
  • Remuneration should be pegged to prevailing rates of department or organization

We regret that incomplete or illegible forms cannot be processed. Only shortlisted candidate(s) will be notified. Applications are due 1 Jun 2018, to be submitted via email to

Selection criteria

The award will be made by the SIBiol RTF Committee, on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to grant call theme and SiBiol
  • Potential impact of research
  • Scientific thought, clarity, and achievability

Terms and conditions of the award

  • Grants are strictly for covering the cost of consumables, research-related travel expenses or internship assistance (i.e. funds for paid internship). The grant cannot be used for the purchase of equipment or travel per-diem.
  • The successful awardee is expected to make two presentations to the public at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of SIBiol about the awardee’s research, or at such a time and event as may be mutually agreed upon.  One presentation will be at the commencement of the award period, and the second at the end, whereby the awardee will provide updates of the progress and outcomes of their research.
  • The successful awardee is expected to contribute service to SIBiol following the award (e.g. conducting a workshop or outreach activity).
  • The successful awardee will acknowledge the support provided by SIBiol in any presentations and publications resulting from the award.


The SIBiol Committee for Research Trust Fund comprises of Prof. Prakash Kumar (DBS, NUS), Prof Wong Sek Man (TMSI, NUS), Dr. Serena Teo (SJINML, NUS), Dr. Beverly Goh (NIE, NTU). It will be chaired by Dr. Jani Tanzil (SJINML, NUS; ASE, NTU).

Further questions should be submitted to Dr Paul Chen,


Download the grant call: